Setup LiveDrive

How to setup your new SaveIT Software

Open any browser and enter your custom link

Click login in the top right


Enter the email address and password provided by us



Once logged in you can download the software onto any platform you desire




If using chrome you will see the download pop up at the bottom left hand side of the screen

Once downloaded click on the installer and click yes to any prompts you see. You will then be presented with another login screen. just enter your details to continue



Then just click standard setup




The software will begin configuring your backup settings. once that’s done just click next


It will then begin the initial backup and that’s you done. you can minimise this window knowing your data is being securely backed up 

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Fix WiFi Issues

Wifi playing up? This guide should fix most issues

If your WiFi is dropping out or telling you it can’t connect then resetting the WiFi adapter is often the best solution
Please note this will remove all of your saved WiFi connections but they can be connected to again easily by entering the WiFi password
We first need to access the device manager, you can do this a few ways pictured below
– Option one: right click the start menu in the bottom left and select device manager
– Option two: search for it in the search bar to the bottom left hand side of the screen
– Option  three: if you have our AtYourService tool you can also right click our icon and select “Open device manager”
Once in device manager, navigate to network adapters and click the small arrow next to it
Next you are going to want to locate your wireless adapter, this could be named a few things but the key words you want to look out for are “wireless” or “Network adapter” or you may see 802.11n if you can’t see any of those just contact us below
then right click it and select uninstall
Then click uninstall again
Once it is uninstalled it will disappear from the list you then want to restart your computer and while it’s restarting go and grab your WiFi password from the back of your router
Once your computer has restated click the WiFi icon in the bottom right hand side of your screen it may look like a globe, select your network, click connect and enter your WiFi password
Then that’s you done and hopefully issue free for a while
if you have issues with any of the steps just contact us bellow

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Fix windows update issues

Start menu not working? Updates not installing? This tool can probably fix it

To get this tool simple right click our icon in the bottom right hand side of your screen and click the Fix Update Issues option
If prompted to run as admin click yes 
it will begin running the first scan. It will either come back saying it has found issues and fixed them in which case you can close the window and restart the computer or it will say it has been unable to fix the issues, You then press any key and it will move onto the second scan.
 Once this scan has completed simply close the window and restart the computer and hopefully the issues you were having have been fixed

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