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Recycling your old devices

Do you have old devices lying around that you are not sure what do with?

We can recycle them by giving new life to other devices

Our Mission

The idea is simple,  people will bring old broken electronic devices like old laptops, phones and even kettles etc. They will then be fixed by using the appropriate parts from the storage unit next door, that have come from other unwanted/broken devices, after they are fixed they can be sold at a much lower price or even donated to those that can’t afford them. Ideally, this would eventually become a trading/bartering system that will allow for maximum circularity at minimum cost, while also producing societal benefits such as less waste and stopping the need for new devices being bought
We are working alongside local organisations such as the Forfar rotary club and Sustainable Kirriemuir as well as being part of Circular Tayside
We are refurbing laptops to give to schools and providing cheaper repairs using recycled parts
Providing a place for old devices to go rather than the loft collecting dust or worse in the skip where they are unfortunately never recycled properly

Services Provided when you chose to recylce

Secure Data Destruction

We will physically destroy your Harddrive so that there is none of your data from the device left to access

Data Backup/Transfer

We can backup any old data on a non-bootable laptop or desktop and transfer it to your new one or another storage medium  

Money off future repairs

We will keep track of any components used from your donated device and give you an appropriate discount on any of your own repairs

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