Our New Adventure

The Idea

We have come to a crossroads with ComputerDen with rising costs, stock shortages, and repairs getting progressively more complicated with newer technology. We see only one way to move forward.

Building on what we have started with ComputerDen.We want to Transition into a Non Profit hub for tinkerers, Artists and a place for all to learn together and build skills needed in the tech-filled world. Noone left behind.

We will expand our recycling so that anyone can come in and learn to make things from junk we will strip and organize pieces so artists and tinkerers can come in and use bits and pieces for their projects or start new ones with us.

A place where all the components needed to make robots and contraptions are available at your disposal, and people to teach and learn with to make cool and useable things.

You can come to have things repaired just like we offered at ComputerDen but with all profits going back into making something for the community.

A place you can feel safe asking any question, there will be no gatekeeping. Everyone will be at different levels, sharing and learning together. Trade your time in one skill for another, barter your junk with someone else’s treasure.

We now need your help, anyone who wants to help or has an idea, reach out to us.

Are you an organization that wants to run classes, we want to get started.

This is just the beginning and we hope to grow something beautiful.

New services we want to offer

Working with other organizations we will offer group and 1 to 1 lessons for people.

Examples of this include CV writing where we can teach you how to use office programs and how to submit them to employers.

Going back to basics for those who missed out on learning through school. Breaking down issues you may have and explaining it in a way that makes sense to you.

Like repairing things yourself we will offer a space with all the tools you may need and experts on hand to answer any questions, you can then use your new skills to give back in the same way

If you want a gaming pc we can help you pick out the parts and build it with you.

Building on our monthly service plans they will transition into you directly helping us spread information and helping others while keeping you safe with fully managed antivirus plans.

Anything tech-related we will be there to help, with profit no longer being a goal and hopefully the support of the community we will be able to offer repairs to everyone previously not affordable by some.

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